Meet the DJ’S! We here at 91 are raising up the next generation of on air talent while empowering and encouraging today’s  youth to lead by example in their community. Meet the DJ’s of The Real Deal Below.

Hey, it’s Madison from the Funky, Funny, Fun Time Show – I’m in the 7th grade

I love math so much.

One day I would like to use those math skills to become an architect or interior designer.

In the future, I would love to get a 32 or above on my ACT and go to a very good college. I would also LOVE to go to a tropical island.

What makes me unique, or awesome, is that (I think) I’m a fun person and because I try to stay positive all the time. I even try to be funny sometimes, but people don’t always laugh. I bet some of you have been there, too. I hope you enjoy the show! Mondays 7:10 to 7:50  CST.

Hi, Cena here! I’m in the 8th grade and I Super De Duper LOVE math! Yeah! Surprising, right?

 I’ve always wanted to be an artist or an Olympic Volleyball player. At some point in my life I’d like to go snorkeling, skiing, and even visit Hawaii, just to name a few.

I think I’m a unique person because, not only am I a Christian, but I show it – and I’m always there for others no matter what or where. I love God and Jesus and I let them teach through me!