The Robbie Allen Show


Robbie Allen

Robbie Allen grew up in ah home where his parents enjoyed all different kinds of music, and where e listened to a lot of radio. He always wanted to be a disc jockey, one afternoon walked into a college radio station and told the program director he wanted to host a christian rock show. The program director nearly laughed him out of the building…but allowed him to begin doing news, and eventually to several air shifts every week…and then hosting the Open Door Show, with complete freedom. This was the beginning of 25+ years on the air, differing music formats, including as talk show host. Robbie married the love of his life Shirley, and moved to Oklahoma City to finish seminary and serve as a pastor…and to hop on the air at 91 Online. Robbie currently hosts afternoons, and brings a mix of rock and pop, hip-hop and rap, fun, and thought-provoking stuff! Robbie also plays drums in the rock band 8 Track. Join him afternoons 2-4 pm ct for fun and good stuff!