Meet the DJ’S! We here at 91 are raising up the next generation of on air talent while empowering and encouraging today’s  youth to lead by example in their community. Meet the DJ’s of The Young Guns below.

Hi, my name is Moriyah and I’m in 5TH Grade. My favorite subject is Science. I’ve said this on our show before – one day I think I’d like to become a Lawyer. Someday, I’d also like to skydive, Bungee-Jump, swim with dolphins, travel to England, and visit Hawaii.

I think what makes me amazing, or even AWESOME, is my humor, my craziness, and my friends!

Hi you can call me D.…Carmen Dee if you want! I’m home schooled, so, I’m in different grade levels in different subjects. I’m in 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Some of my classes are Language Arts, Math, Science, History and Art.

My favorite subject, however, is Math because it’s easy…for me!  When I grow up I want to be an Artist and a Geologist.

I’d love to travel the world so I can experience different cultures. Japan in the spring seems like it would be AMAZING!

What makes me amazing? Wow, that’s a big question!  Well, I like volunteering – helping others! I really enjoy being a good influence for my friends! And finally, I really like researching how to create new pieces of art.